We have had a look at your questions and are posting the answers here!

George and Isaac
03/04/2013 7:03am

Do you have snow right now and how deep is it?
No, but when we did it was very deep and it was roughly 20cm.

Hollie and Nieve
03/04/2013 7:03am

Are there more girls or boys in room 3 ?

There are more girls than boys in our fabulous class 3. There are 13 girls and 9 boys.

Bethany and Leah
03/04/2013 7:06am

7. How big is the school (How many kids)?

We are a small school compared to other schools in our contary.In our school there are 91 children alltogether. In our class there are 22 children. There are 7 teachers in our school.

Fiona (room6)
03/04/2013 4:34pm

At our school we have 150 students in 8 class rooms.

Aneka and Mackenzie HFS
03/04/2013 4:41pm

Hello our school is much bigger compered to yours as we have got around about 150 children in our school. We have got 25 kids in our class. We have got 7 techers as well.

manaia and ocean
03/04/2013 4:46pm

We have 26 kids in our class.

Poppy and Rosie
03/04/2013 7:07am

How old are you(we are 7 and 8)

We are a class of mixed ages7,8 and 9.

ari and millie
03/04/2013 7:07am

Do you have a triathlon?
we dont exactly get what you mean by triathlon but we have sports days where we play outdoor games.

maya and charlie
03/04/2013 4:39pm

A triathloe is when you ran bike and swim.

03/04/2013 7:07am

Do you get to sled?
We do not get to sled because there is no snow at the moment. But in January when we did have snow, then we could

Sophie & Ben
03/04/2013 7:08am

Do you get to ski?

No,we don't do any snow sports because we din't get snow very often here. But we do lots of other sports.

Alistair & Ella
03/04/2013 7:12am

9.How many classes are there?
We have four classes in are school!

Holly,Amy and William
03/04/2013 7:14am

4.Do you close shcool when it snow's?
We only go to shcool when it inst that deep.


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