This could be a challenge, so I’m giving you 2 weeks (hand in on13th June) to make…


Egyptian Tomb!

What to do 1.     Take the shoebox lid and remove a rectangle from the top. Take care with the scissors.

2.     Over this ‘window’ fix some tissue paper. This will be where the light comes through, so you may want to use a dark or mysterious colour. You could fix the tissue paper to the underside of the lid to make a better fit.

3.   With a sharp point and some adult help make a small hole in the small end of the shoebox. This will be where Howard Carter (the Egyptologist) peeps through to see Tutankhamun’s tomb. Make sure the hole is not too high – the lid will be going back on the box and you don’t want to cover up the hole!

4.  Decorate the inside the box. Use hieroglyphs and Egyptian style pictures on the walls. You could use sandpaper on the ‘floor’. Which would be better, paints, gel pens or coloured pencils? Try to get an ancient feel for your tomb.

5.     Draw some Egyptian pictures on pieces of paper just a little wider than the box.

6.     Place these large figures and furniture across the ‘floor’ in rows.

7.   Repeat with different pictures. Use a variety of heights, so that some parts are visible, and some are not.

8.  Replace the lid and peep through the hole. Could the arrangement of pictures be improved?

9.   See what you can find out about Howard Carter and the ‘Wonderful things’ he found in the Valley of the Kings.


05/25/2013 1:49am

I think i might make it today,i'm so excited.

C Tomkins
05/25/2013 1:53am

Good luck Poppy - enjoy doing it!


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