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03/03/2013 5:40pm

Hello there Room 3,
Here is a few questions we have for you guys to help us get to know you...
1. How many kids in your class?
2. How old are you (we are 7 and 8)?
3. Do you have snow right now and how deep is it?
4. Do you close the school when it snows?
5. Do you have a Triathlon?
6. Do you get to ski?
7. How big is the school (How many kids)?
8. Do you get to sled?
9. How many classes are there?
10. Are there more boys or girls in room 3?

....and that was a quick 10 questions. We will get back to you tomorrow :)
Room 6

Aneka and Mackenzie hfs
03/04/2013 4:47pm

that is a realy cool art work of the world we like it lots


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