I have sent a worksheet home to reinforce some of the learning we have done in class, but if you can find real life opportunities to practise these skills then that would be beneficial. 

(Like last week please submit your work on this blog page)

This week we are doing some work on the structure of paragraphs and are following a 'TIPTOP' approach.

What to do...

Lots of parents get a bit fed up of children saying ‘I’m BORED!’ Imagine one day you came home from school and your mum or dad were there saying ‘I’m BORED’!
1. What would you say to them?
2. Write a short conversation between you and your parent/carer in which the adult is the one who is bored!
3. Set your conversation out in paragraphs.


Dad was in the house as I slammed open the door, I was expecting to be told off! "I’m really bored!" he yawned. I was surprised, I had never seen him like this before!

"What do you mean you’re bored?" I replied. "The bathroom needs cleaning, the potatoes need peeling, and when was the last time you vacuumed under the sofa?"

"But I hate all that stuff! We never do anything good!" said Dad.

I was confused and was unsure what was going on, "Look Dad, I’m a bit busy for this now. I have homework to do you know…"


04/18/2013 9:02am

I dumped my bag on the sofa and went through in to the kitchen

"Mum I need help with my homework," I said.

" O K it will give me something to do because i am bored," mumbled Mum.

" Bored !? Bored !? You are a parent you have jobs to do !" I exclaimed.

"Yeah you can do it," muttered Mum.

"Me?! ME?! I can not do it as i told you i had homework," I shouted.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:48pm

Well done Nieve! You have shown you can use speech marks accurately.

Remember you must always use a capital 'i' when it's on its own, even in the middle of a sentence!

04/18/2013 11:39am

"UMM only kids do that and if your bored do cleaning." Hollie ruled.

"No, why woud i do that? its boring anyway." said her parents.

"Well maybe because you want something to do and its better than being bored so you can." answered Hollie

"Well i guess your telling the truth that i could do it then again where do i clean?" asked her dad

"Um let me think...kitchen, bedroom, office and lounge." continued Hollie

"Ok sure so can i start!"

"Off course!" ended Hollie

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:50pm

Good effort Hollie. You use speech marks well.

Try to use exclamation marks when your characters are annoyed or shouting!

04/20/2013 12:57am

When I got home from school I saw Dad in the kitchen. He said, ''I'm very bored!''.

I looked at him with a weird face and said, ''What do you mean you are bored? You could go and play your guitar as you need to practise.''

Dad replied, ''The Guitar is so boring!''

I was shocked and said, ''Go and cut the lawns before Mum moans at you.'' I felt he should do something.

''No'', grumbled Dad. ''That is boring''.

This was not like my Dad as he is always busy. I was confused and said, ''Dad, I am going to read my book. You should do the same.''

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:51pm

Good conversation Philip. You have shown you can use speech marks correctly in your writing.

Try to make sure you show this skill in your story this week too!

04/20/2013 10:24am

I woke up yesterday and went downstairs where I saw my Dad. 'Good morning', I said with a smile on my face as it was Sunday and I was off to play in a rugby match.

''I am so bored'', groaned Dad. ''Today is so boring and dull!''

I was shocked and cross as watching me play rugby is not boring. I'd understand if I was a girl who did ballet. That would be boring to watch!

''Dad, we have a big match today and we are going to beat Cleeve.'' I thought this would make him feel better and more excited. It did!

''I had forgotten about that William. That sounds great'', said Dad with a smile.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:52pm

Perfect use of paragraphs for speech William - well done.

Try to make sure you always use some sort of punctuation before you close the speech marks.

04/20/2013 10:36am

"I'M BORED!" Said mum.

"What have you been doing?" I questioned.

"Well," Mum sighed."I've spent all day mucking out your ponies!" She then slumped down in her chair and said "I'm tired and fed up."

I hugged her and with my most winning smile said, "you relax and I'll make you an ice cold glass of water!"

Mum gulped down the drink and exclaimed "That's better!" Then she got up and carried on making supper.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:54pm

Well done Sophie! This is a difficult skill to get right...try to use this in your story this week.

I also really like the word 'exclaimed'!

04/20/2013 11:08am

One day I got back from school to find daddy murmering "I'm bored."
"Why are you bored?" I asked (confused!)
"I am bored because I have been stuck in my office all day on the computer!" Dad moaned.
"Well, I've been working extremely hard too!" I replied "So why don't we treat ourselves to a cinema trip?"
Dads face brightened up "brilliant idea!" He said cheerfully, "let's go!"

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:55pm

Great conversation Ella!

You can use speech marks well...to make the paragraphs even more clear, try to leave a gap of a whole line in between paragraphs.

04/21/2013 2:35am

It was the weekend ,as I awoke I was expecting mum to come in and shout wakey! wakey! really LOUD!

But insted she came in and said "I'm bored" ,I was shocked and said "are you ok because you've got to get dressed, make breakfast and brush your teeth."

"But I don't want to,it's rubbish and boring" said mum

"Look I've got stuff to do you know."

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 2:58pm

Good effort Jack...almost perfect! - In your second paragraph both characters talk. It should look like this:
But insted she came in and said "I'm bored!"

I was shocked and said "are you ok? because you've got to get dressed, make breakfast and brush your teeth."
Can you see why?

Judy (Grandma)
05/02/2013 12:18pm

Hi, Jack,
I loved your work about Mum being bored. When I was little, if I said to my Mum or Dad that I was bored, they always said, "If you are bored, we'll find you something to do!". I knew that this meant it would be something I didn't want to do, like the washing up or cutting the hedge. I soon learnt not to say, "I'm bored" but instead found something more fun to do (like making chocolate crispies!).

04/21/2013 3:40am

''I am bored'' said dad''

''you can't be bored I mean you got the tea to mack.'' I said

''That's boring why can't your mum do it''

''you fix my computer''I smiled

''that's boring to''

''I don't know why I bother''

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:00pm

You are understanding this much better now Bethan.

Remember to make sure you use capital letters in the first word of your speech marks.

04/21/2013 5:47am

As I walked home from school I saw my mum sat on the steps kicking stones.  I said "what are doing Mum."
She said "I'm bored, there is nothing on TV, the Internets not working, I'm bored."
I said "there's no food in the fridge, why don't you go and shop, you enjoy that."
That's when I had to start running!

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:02pm

This made me laugh Jamie! Well done!

You seem to have understood the 'person paragraphs' well. Try to leave a gap of a whole line though, so your new paragraphs are even more clear.

04/21/2013 8:41am

I got in from school and I heard my mum say " I am bored."
I gust said "But your never bored we always do my homework together and thenyou do your jobs.
"But thats got boring"
"Well then I will go and do my homework then"

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:03pm

Good effort Holly. You have understood most of this well.

Remember you must always put punctuation in BEFORE you close your speech marks.

04/22/2013 8:30am

mum was in the house when she said" I'm bored".

"What do you mean bored you have lots of things to do".

"Lets do some thing together".

"Not now I am going to cricket".

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:04pm

You have understood the paragraph part well Theo - Well done!

You need to put your punctuation inside the speech marks instead of outside to really get this correct and remember your capital letters at the beginning!

04/22/2013 9:13am

Mum was sitting at the table staring at her tea as I stumbled into the house. I new something was wrong.

''I'M BORED!'' she moaned.

''What do you mean your bored?'' I mumbled. You are normally in the sitting room puffing up the cushions or doing the washing.

''That is just old and boring,'' yawned Mum "Can you help me?"

"Look, I have other things to do, maybe Dad can help." I replied.
On the way upstairs I met Dad.

"I'M BORED!" Dad said tiredly.

"Oh no," I mouthed.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:05pm

A great conversation Ari.

You have almost done this perfectly but you forgot some speech marks in this paragraph:
''What do you mean your bored?'' I mumbled. You are normally in the sitting room puffing up the cushions or doing the washing.
Can you see where?

04/22/2013 10:03am

My Parents were in our house when I came home from School. When I opened the door , Mum yawned then Dad said, "I'm so bored."

Then Mum replied, “We have done everything to make this house tidy.” Whoosh, dust flew across the room. “Well, not every speck of dust” sighed Mum.

“Have you done the garden?” I questioned.

“Well that’s another problem” answered Dad. “You know Fluffy the rabbit, well we” Dad began slowly.

“No, YOU accidentally let him out” interrupted Mum.

“That’s true” muttered Dad to himself. “ But we have got him back in now”.

“Well I can’t help with the garden” I said. “I have a party to go to ……….” and out of the door I rushed!

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:07pm

A good conversation written here Rosie, well done!

You use paragraphs really well. Remember you must put punctuation in before closing your speech marks.

04/22/2013 10:20am

"Hello dad." said Bob.

"Im bored," replied Dad.

"im bored of washing the dishes and cleaning the floor." said Dad in a bored way.

"Oh well ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will d...do it for you." replied Bob.

"Ok thank you!" Dad said excitedly

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:08pm

You have shown you can use these speech marks perfectly Harvey! Well done. Show Miss Crook and I that you can use these skills in your story this week too.

(Don't forget your final full stop though!)

04/22/2013 10:53am

I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Mum suddenly announced ''I'm bored'' I was so surprised to see that mum had said I’m bored for the hole entire world to hear. Well, it was quite weird for me because I had known my mum for my whole life but she was often cross, angry, happy, embarrassed or even stressed but never bored.
So this is what I said back ‘’ Bored? You’ve never bin bored in your life well, not what I’ve heard but you’ve got tons of things to do like washing up, laundry, tidying the house and lots of other things.’’
‘’But I want a change can we swap are characters for a day’’ moaned Mum
‘’N - O SPELLS NO’’ I said starting to get annoyed ‘’anyway I have got quite a few things on my mind now’’

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:11pm

This conversation made me laugh Poppy! It is written really well!

Make sure you put a piece of punctuation in before you close the speech marks eg Mum suddenly announced ''I'm bored!'' I was so ...

Also try to make your paragraphs stand out more by leaving a gap of a whole line between them.

04/22/2013 11:17am

When i walked into the the door my
mum and dad said" im bored"
i anserd"what am i sposed to do about it"
mum said" do our chorse so we can have some fun"
i laughed and said im not doing your chorse i hate doing chorse".
surprisingly dad said" well know you are oh don't forget to skrub the windows for bird poop"
and of they went to the fun fair. ITHOUGHT IT WAS HERT FALL.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:12pm

Well done Amy - you use your new paragraphs at the correct times.

Make sure you check for capital letters at the start of sentences and when you open your speech marks.

Speak to me or Miss Crook if you don't know what this means.

04/22/2013 11:48am

“I’m bored” said Dad.
“That’s strange, you never get bored” I replied.
“All the jobs have been done” said Dad grimly on the sofa.
“Why not play with me?” I asked.
“What would you like to play?”asked Dad.
I thought about it and shouted, “On the trampoline!” So we went on the trampoline.

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:14pm

Well done Ben! You have started new paragraphs in exactly the right places!

Try to use a piece of punctuation inside the speech marks before you close them for example:

“I’m bored!” said Dad.

04/22/2013 12:09pm

When i got in form riding and my mum was sitting in the kitchen and suddenly my mum said "I am bored" with a big yawn.

"how are you bored?" I ask. "mum's are never bored because they have so much to do".

"sometimes mums get bored by doing thing they do all the time".

" I did not no that because you always look like you are having so much fun".

Mr Tomkins
04/23/2013 3:15pm

Super use of paragraphs Leah! Well done.

Remember your capital letters at the start of speech too!


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