This week's literacy and numeracy homework is being set via paper and relates to recent work done in class.

Please ensure they are handed in no later than Tuesday 7th May.
LITERACY: The children are using some of the key skills they've worked on in their homeworks and class for an independent story writing task this week. Thus, I am not setting a specific literacy homework this week apart from the standard spellings for Friday's test.


I am asking the children to practise their subtraction method they have practised in school this week and to share their methods with their parents. Every child has practised at least 3 digit subtraction eg. 548-342=?

***Please appreciate their methods are stepping stones to more efficient approaches and should not be confused with other approaches.***
I have sent a worksheet home to reinforce some of the learning we have done in class, but if you can find real life opportunities to practise these skills then that would be beneficial. 

(Like last week please submit your work on this blog page)

This week we are doing some work on the structure of paragraphs and are following a 'TIPTOP' approach.

What to do...

Lots of parents get a bit fed up of children saying ‘I’m BORED!’ Imagine one day you came home from school and your mum or dad were there saying ‘I’m BORED’!
1. What would you say to them?
2. Write a short conversation between you and your parent/carer in which the adult is the one who is bored!
3. Set your conversation out in paragraphs.


Dad was in the house as I slammed open the door, I was expecting to be told off! "I’m really bored!" he yawned. I was surprised, I had never seen him like this before!

"What do you mean you’re bored?" I replied. "The bathroom needs cleaning, the potatoes need peeling, and when was the last time you vacuumed under the sofa?"

"But I hate all that stuff! We never do anything good!" said Dad.

I was confused and was unsure what was going on, "Look Dad, I’m a bit busy for this now. I have homework to do you know…"

The children have been given Maths homework to complete on a worksheet about division or fractions. This work has been set based on our recent end of Spring Term assessments, which the class have been asked to share with you.


As part of their Literacy homework I have asked them to use their reading and research skills to find information about one of the Gods from Ancient Egypt and to write at least one paragraph on this blog about them.

I am not restricting anyone on the maximum that they want to write, but I am requesting the following as a minimum...

Blue: Write one paragraph that is punctuated perfectly.

Green: Write one paragraph that shows you know a proper noun needs capital letters.

Red: Write one paragraph that includes uses of commas...either in a list or to add a clause.

Yellow: Write one paragraph that uses varied vocabulary (especially with the sentence openers).


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