If you want to do some research over the Easter holiday than you can look in to the Ancient Egyptians!

For example...
-what clothes did they wear?
-what is a pyramid?
-why did they build pyramids?

If you find anything out or would like to ask any 'big questions' as part of our topic work, then you can write them here or bring in your ideas after the holidays!

Have a wonderful break.
At the end of the week I will write up some optional homework for the class to participate in over the holidays.
The class have been given vertical addition and subtraction sheets (for some) this week.

They have been asked to choose a minimum of any 8 to answer. However, they can do more if they like.

Please allow the children to show you the way they have been taught as it will help them develop other calculation skills in school...more can be seen via this link on our school website.

Issued: Tues 12th March
Due: Tues 19th March
Can you describe to Kevin, the alien, what a noun and a proper noun is and give 5 examples of each.

Issued: Tues 12th March
Due: Tues 19th March


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