This week we are beginning our "quad blogging" we are starting with a school in New Zealand.

You can view their Yr3/4 blog by going to

They are going to check out our blog soon!

25/02/2013 10:27am

You are all Tu Meke (Awesome in Maori),
The class will love reading your comments and replying to them when they arrive in another 1 1/2 hours. Just in case all of your questions are not answered I will quickly answer a few...
-We have 150ish Kids.
-No uniforms is awesome!
-Yes we play in the fields right now as it is summer.
-We have a small pool, but the one in the photo was in Wanaka, which is the closest town, and we have to catch a bus to get there.
-We will try and find you some skiing photos.
-Yes, our school is pretty cool and we look forward to seeing yours in the next few weeks.
...Additionally, I was very impressed with your comments, as there were no one word comments (Wicked and Epic was a favourite of one class we blogged with last year), your spelling and punctuation was close to being spot on and lastly you all added your name and where you were from.
Thank you again and I will get the kids to reply when they arrive.
Hei konā or see you later
Mr Dyer

26/02/2013 10:30am

WOW! That is a lot of children. My school (North Nibley) has onley got about 90 children. In my class there is not many at all there is onley 22. We have a field to but we cant go on it because it is to wet. We have school uniforms.Your school sounds very nice!!!

27/02/2013 8:25am

i really like their blog it is great

04/03/2013 12:44pm

I like seeing you classroom Room 3


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