Now that you have thought about your ideas and made a plan. Coming up is the best part: write your story! I suggest you do it on a word processor and copy and paste it on the blog when you're finished!

Remember: be adventurous, explore the world (& beyond!) and show everyone what brilliant stories you can create!

09/02/2013 1:12am


Once their was a small Elephant called Elie. Elie is smallest Elephant in the world and she is a adult. She is only one meter tall ,all the other Elephants tease her she's very sad about this so she decided to something about it.

She was reading a book and found a wizard called woo who could help.So she set off on a long journey to the other side of the world. Eventually she saw the magical wizard and asks for help to get bigger.
"I can not help you"spoke wizard woo
WHY! Shouted Elie
"The animal doctor can help you not me"said wizard woo
"Are you sure"said Elie
"Yes"said wizard woo
"OK"spoke Elie
"He is in Africa"said wizard woo
"I live in Africa but I have never heard of him"said Elie

So Elie went back to Africa to find the Animal doctor and finally Elie found him. What's your problem ask the animal doctor. "I'm to small and I'm a adult"sadly said Elie
"I have a Question for you"ask the animal doctor
"Yes"said Elie
Was your parent's that small?ask the animal doctor
"Yes I think so"said Elie
"So that's your solution"said animal doctor
"I don't get it"said Elie
"Beeing small is in your blood "spoke the animal doctor
"OK" said Elie

Elie made her way back home and told everyone her story she made loads of new friends and she become a very famous Elephant.
By Alistair Dickson

C Tomkins
14/02/2013 2:47pm

Well done Alistair for getting your entry in early! I hope you enjoyed writing your story.

14/02/2013 8:33am

Froggy Faces

Have you ever had a chat with a frog? Have you? I thought not!
My name is John. This is a boring name for a frog but my parents picked it and, because they had so many tadpoles, they had run out of ideas. So John it was.
I live on the village pond. It is in the middle of the village so I get to hear all the gossip and everyone’s secrets. I hear what people are buying each other for birthdays and what you are having for your tea. But my favourite thing to do is to make rude faces at the children and watch them cry as they tell their mums and dads. I am very proud of this. My tongue is very long and I enjoy listening to the boys and girls shriek as they see me stick it out.
Once I was very brave and decided to go on an adventure. I hopped off my lily pad and landed in a school book bag. What a whiffy place to be! The bag was full of rubbish and rotten apple cores so it was a smelly journey to school! I was in shock when I got to the playground as there were so many children racing around. I hopped out of the bag and made my way over to the gate post where I could get a good view. A bell rang loudly and the children stood as still as statues. A tall man came out into the playground holding a cup of coffee. I know this would be the teacher. Honestly, why do teachers drink so much coffee? Well, anyway, I now had my chance to make a silly face at the teacher and the whole school. This was my time to shine!
I counted to three which is as far as I can count: one…two….three! I threw my pink tongue out of my mouth. Splat! It landed on the teacher’s cheek and left a wet, slimy mark. It was a dribbly one! Hooray! But the children weren’t crying. Instead, all I could hear was laughter and one boy was laughing so much he had fallen over.
‘Aargh!’ shrieked the teacher as he ran inside. ‘A frog, a slimy frog!’
I, John the frog from the village pond had made the teacher shriek and, although I was chuffed with myself, I know it would be silly to stick around. Teachers are good at giving out punishments and I did not fancy a detention!
My trip back home was not pleasant. Yes, the old lady’s bag was warm but, instead of apple cores, I had to sit on a pair of false teeth! Thankfully I did not get bitten!
I still spend my days on my lily pad and I still enjoy making funny faces, but now when the children pass, they no longer cry, but wave. I’ve become quite famous. So, next time you see a frog, don’t shriek, just stick out your tongue.

Mr Tomkins
14/02/2013 8:38am

Well done Philip. I very much like your idea of questions at the beginning!

14/02/2013 8:34am

Blue Light

The stone walls towered above me and the gargoyles glared as my family and I walked through the derelict ruins. The sky was cloudy and the wind chased the dead leaves. Our footsteps echoed and I felt I was somewhere I shouldn’t be.
In a dark corner of the ruins I saw a blue light shimmering. Then I was shocked to see a boy. His face was pale and he wore dark rags that hardly covered his body. The blue light lit up the walls and made his face shine in the darkness.
‘Help me. Please. I need your help.’
His voice was a faint whisper. At first I thought it was the leaves.
‘Listen. Time is running out’, he said. His voice became clearer.
Me? What could I do? I was totally amazed. Who was he?
As if he had heard my thoughts he said, ‘I am lost. I need my home. Evil knights are searching for me and I need to return home where I will be safe.’
Where could he mean? I looked at his pale face and knew that he did not belong to my world. He wouldn’t be going to school. He didn’t even have school clothes on. I couldn’t imagine him on a rugby pitch chasing a ball. No, he did not belong in my world, our time.
I walked towards him. What should I say? What should I do? The air became chilly and frosty. My cheeks were burning in the cold and I began to feel afraid.
‘What do you want me to do? How can I help you?’ As I spoke to him my voice trembled.
The boy looked at me and tears fell from his dark eyes. I walked towards him, bent down and said, ‘Tell me what to do. Shall I ask my dad to call your parents?’
‘There are no phones where I live. That will not work. All you can do is find my tomb in the cemetery. Only then can I return and be safe from the evil knights.
I reached out my hand and touched the boy’s shoulder but my hand just fell through the empty air. The blue light became dimmer and the boy’s voice became quiet and weak.
‘It is too late for me now’, he said. ‘You can no longer help me.’
A dark shadow fell over us and a silver sword appeared in the cold air. Its sharp edges shone brightly in the blue light. This was a sword of a knight.
‘They have come for me,’ cried the boy.
I looked down at his face but the blue light had gone. He has vanished and I was left alone.
The stone walls towered above me and the gargoyles smiled as I left the derelict ruins.

Mr Tomkins
14/02/2013 8:39am

Great effort William: you use some superb vocabulary...very impressive!

14/02/2013 8:34am

A Bristol Adventure
Once upon a time there was a city far far away… in the south west of England called Bristol!
Three black panthers lived there in Bristol zoo. The first was called Shanu.
Shanu was smart, tidy, clever and slim! Next door was a fat, lazy panther called Gumi! The people never saw him because he lay down all day! The third panther was Potsi. He looked scary with his punky hair and panting mouth, but he was really crazy mad! Whenever the people came to see him, he always shot over to them, drooling!
One day, it was all calm at the zoo until… Shanu got out! He got out because he was so slim that he pushed himself through the bars! Then there was even more trouble, because he let the other panthers out!!!! As they all walked down the path they found some weapons! A knife for Shanu, some scissors for Gumi and a paperclip for Potsi! Then Gumi’s tummy started rumbling.
They saw a building with a big 'M' on it! Luckily Shanu could read and speak human, so he knew they could get food there. He asked for three happy meals, but of course panthers don’t like hamburgers and chicken nuggets (although Potsi loved the toy!) Shanu said “I’ve heard people go to a building called an Aquarium, where they see loads of fish!” So the panthers went to Bristol Aquarium and they did find lots of fish! They started gobbling the fish out of the tanks, when Gumi saw a Puffer fish! He sprang at it with his big, fat paws and it puffed up! For the first time in his life - Gumi jumped! He glided through the air like a bird and landed, with a loud splash, in the shark tank! The other two panthers were looking into the tank and admiring the fish!
“Wow look at that really long fish.” Said Shanu. “Look at the fish with the crazy, big eyes!” panted Potsi. “And look at that big, fat, black fish - it looks like a panther … It is! It’s Gumi -and he’s being chased by a Hammer head shark!” The shark bunted Gumi out of the tank!
Scared, they all ran out of the Aquarium, over Clifton Suspension Bridge and into the woods. They had just climbed up a big tree when a pussy cat appeared! The panthers pulled out their weapons (the knife, scissors and Potsi’s paper clip!) But the brave little cats’ hair spiked up and she hissed at the panthers! They were so frightened that they fell out of the tree! Only to be caught in a net thrown by a hunter who had been hired by the zoo to find them (with his special tracker cat)! He took them back to the zoo.
Back in their rooms, the three panthers realised they were happy to be home! Even though Shanus' bars were now closer together, they all agreed that they would never escape again!

That is the finished story, it is exactly 500 words long. in my word doc i have a big yellow macDonalds M and a picture of three black panthers! It won't copy to here though:-(

Mr Tomkins
14/02/2013 8:37am

Well done Sophie! Great idea about pictures but I don't think we can send them with our entries unfortunately.

14/02/2013 11:13am

Boris the borrowing teddy bear
Once, at Happy Drive, there was a family that had a cupboard, not even they knew about. In that cupboard lived a teddy bear. Not just a teddy bear, a borrowing teddy bear called Boris. That cupboard was under an old sink that nobody used any more.

One day, Boris’s friends decided to have a Teddy Bears Picnic and Boris had to get the picnic. So the next day Boris got out of his cupboard and walked upstairs to the girls (Jamima and Hermione) bedroom. Just as he got to the top of the stairs, Marmaduke the cat came rushing by and knocked Boris right down to the bottom of the stairs. Boris sat there wondering why Marmaduke was rushing. Then he saw Jamima and Hermione run by they saw him they ran down stairs. Hermione picked him up and put him on her bed. Boris had to get to his cupboard. Without being seen. Borris thought I need a plan and soon because it is almost the picnic. Day 1, no plan. Day 2 still no plan. On Day 3 there was still not a thought in Boris’s head. But Day 4 Boris had a plan. It would only work if Jamima’s bear helped. Boris asked the bear and she said yes. So while the Happy family were downstairs having tea. Boris snook into their little boy, john’s room and borrowed his remote control aeroplane. He runs back to the girl’s room and gives the bear the control he grabs the picnic basket and one of the girls belts to attach the picnic basket to the aeroplane. After that Boris was ready to fly. “ 5,4,3,2,1 Geronimo, remember to steer” Boris shouted to Jemima’s bear.

First it was down to the neighbour’s garden for hot chocolate while they were inside. 3,2,1 grab, next up urrr the opposite neighbours tree for honey, over the wall, got it! Ahhh bees get off. Through the hole in the hedge to the opposite side of the road to the house with jelly in an open window…full basket, wow that looks yummy. “ready to land” Boris screamed aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” that was a bumpy ride” Boris mumbled . He pocks his head through the cat flap. He creeps round the corner and into the cupboard. I deserve a rest.

C Tomkins
14/02/2013 12:48pm

Well done Ari! I love the remote controlled airplane idea.

15/02/2013 3:07am

The weird World

There once lived a boy called Timmy. He had ginger hair, blue eyes and ruddy cheeks. His hands were rough and covered in scratches. It was obvious at first glance that Timmy was a boy who spent most of his time outside! There were only two things that Timmy loved in this world – being outside and meat! He liked his meat rare - juicy and bloody !
One day he was digging outside in the dirt when he found an old box, it was so rusty and damaged that he nearly threw it away. Luckily however – he opened the box and inside he found what looked like a dinosaur tooth! It was huge! He rushed inside and up to his bedroom but, as he took his prize out from the box – suddenly – he started to change!
A tail started to grow out from his bottom! A large greeny- brown, scaly tail! Then his feet started to grow – suddenly huge gleaming claws burst out from his shoes. His legs got longer and longer and thicker and thicker. He shot up, breaking through the ceiling of his bedroom – into the attic. It was dark in here, but he could see! He looked around and caught his reflection in a dusty old mirror “Grrrrroar arroear rex!” (Translation: “Oh no! I’m a T-Rex!”
Then a strange black hole appeared in the sky. Strong winds coming from it grew in power, swirling and tearing. A huge hole was ripped in the roof of Timmy’s house and he was literally sucked out of the attic and through the hole!
Timmy blinked and slowly opened his eyes. Where was he? He was lying close to the edge of a cliff. The ground was dusty, dry and hot. As far as he could see there were just rocks, the occasional tree and cliffs. He looked up into the sky – and saw something familiar “Is that a bird? No it can’t be” he said to himself “It’s, it’s a pterodactyl!?”
Timmy was both scared and strangely excited. What if the pterodactyl attacked him? Also, he found himself thinking what if he could catch it – could he eat it?! (Don’t you worry, he caught that flying dinosaur, he ate it and yes, it was delicious!)
“So…” thought Timmy “I appear to be a fully grown Theropod, a Tyrannosaurus Rex at that and I am in a dinosaur world!”
Timmy made friends with other meat eaters. His best friend was a Gorgosaurus called George. Together they hunted all day, killing and eating plant eaters like Lambeosauruses.
Timmy did not think about his old life at all. His mother and father were just annoying people who were always calling him back inside to wash his hands. He loved his new life – playing outside all the time and eating his favourite food – FRESH MEAT! He never got hurt. He lived a long and happy life and I hope that you do too! Grrrrrrr!

C Tomkins
16/02/2013 12:03am

Good story Ella! You did not end it the way I imagined...well done!

15/02/2013 7:29am

Polly and the Spys
There was once a sweet factory called Rainbow Cloud. Its completely invisible! In Rainbow Cloud the workers are called Clouders. The Clouders have invisible cloaks and keep them on but they can see each other.They had a Super Sense of smell and used it to smell sweets with. Clouders stole sweets from children so that their teeth wont rot. The rainbowers cooked them into delicious treats. The clouders teeth never rot.The factory is six football pitches long. When the Clouders bags were full they shoved them into a sorting machine. The sorting machine sorted the sweets. The jelly beans whooshed down a special tunnel went into a jar. The other sweets went down another tunnel and got made into treats. The Clouders then collected the jellybean jar and put them in their pocket.Jellybeans fed their puppys. The puppys help find sweets. Polly was a Clouder and her BFF, Mayabelle, a Rainbower. One day Polly emptied her bag and the sorting machine started beeping.She called for Macky the engineer. He opened a window and peeked inside. In reached his hand, inside it was a piece of Rainbow Puff. Rainbow Puff is a piece of choclate with all the colours mixed in it and it turned into a cloud if you didn't eat it fast enough.It was DELICIOUS. "Oh my gosh " screamed Polly.Tentatively, she put it in her pocket. But she didn't know she was being watched by spies. They worked for a company called Evil Industries. They really were evil. They dressed completely in black. Next Polly went to Egypt and brought back six bags of sweets from one little boy."That was EXHAUSTING"puffed Polly. She then found another piece of Rainbow Puff in France. Polly set it in her locker with the other Puff. Six days later she found another piece in Spain. Mayabelle was extremely busy one day and she hurriedly wanted a piece of Rainbow Puff. Polly agreed to give her some. That evening Polly was eating Apple Puff. " You are the best cook ever Mayabelle" said Polly, pushing her plate away. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and Polly saw people, in black, running around. She heard a locker open and then slam shut." Help!" shouted Polly.Then the lights came on and Polly got up very warily. She checked inside her locker. She gasped. Her pieces of Rainbow Puff had vanished! A month after the scare, Polly had six pieces of Rainbow Puff. She had a padlock on her locker. After another week she took off the padlock. " Stop being silly " she thought " it was your imagination".

C Tomkins
16/02/2013 12:07am

Well done Nieve. I wonder if the world did exist or not! You've used some brilliant vocabulary too.

Mr Batchelor
16/02/2013 1:49pm

This is a great start - well done to all those who have completed a story - and to the rest, keep working at it! I will enjoy reading them all as soon as they are finished.

19/02/2013 11:10am

graet story Rosie I love it.

Rosie Brown
18/02/2013 11:38am

One gloomy autumn evening, Jess was sitting up in her bed wondering what this humming noise was. She thought it may have been a space ship but she knew they weren’t real. Then suddenly her window opened and in flew a spaceship with three green, ugly faces which appeared inside it!
“They’re aliens” Jess whispered.
Jess lived in a flat at Buchamore Street in London. She had long, dark, brown hair and little blue determined eyes. All she had as a family was her Mum and Dad. “She always falls into adventures!” said her Dad.
“Tonight is one”, Jess thought. Jess started to rub her eyes as though it wasn’t real, but then the aliens started to talk.
“Come and save London” they croaked.
“Alright then” said Jess. So they shoved Jess into the spaceship and off it flew. They flew into a little hut by an old looking cottage in the middle of nowhere. Down they went until it touched the ground; somehow the door opened and the aliens and Jess jumped out. Since the aliens had arrived, everything had become misty.
“Why have you chosen me out of all the other children?”
“Well we thought your window looked so dirty, we wanted to see you!”
“What did you want to come and see me about then? ”muttered Jess.
“We wanted you to tell us which buildings we need to take down.” the aliens chorused.
“Why do you want to take buildings down?” asked Jess.
“Because we think London is a bit stuffed.” the aliens replied. “We want to take down Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye!”
“You can’t do that.” protested Jess. “How could you do that?” she asked.
“By using our ‘Take Away 2013’. It will remove any big buildings, without making a mess.” they said. The aliens grabbed the gun and took Jess into the cottage to ask her a question.
“Which buildings are we going to take down then?”
“Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.” one of the aliens said in Jess’ voice.
“Oh no, you can’t do that!” squealed Jess. The aliens took Jess into the space ship along with the ‘Take Away 2013’, shut the door and took off. A few minutes later we were by Big Ben and the aliens got out and asked Jess “What is your name?”
“Jess and what’s yours?” replied Jess.
“We are Jupiter, Mars and Venus’ said the aliens.
“That’s funny, your names are some of the planets.”
“Now let’s get on with our work.” Jupiter said, and he zapped down Big Ben! Then they flew to Buckingham Palace and zapped it down, hearing a few screams along the way. Then last but not least, they zapped the London Eye! Jess was watching all of this very carefully and was stunned. Then everybody jumped into the spaceship and flew away.

C Tomkins
18/02/2013 1:05pm

Well done Rosie. I really like the way you end your story with a question!

20/02/2013 12:47pm

good story rosie

19/02/2013 11:07am

Once upon a time lived a lovely teady calld Tatty.
Tatty has lots of friends like Kitty Cat and Carmel the Camle there are lots more but anyway lets get on with the story.
Tatty is very shy so she didn't go out much.One day her friends invited her out to play in the park but she didn't want to go because she was shy so her friends went anyway after a while she dsidit to go. On the way she met an alien it was gloopy and blue.The alien took Tatty up to space Tatty was scard. finlly the alien took Tatty back to the grond ''that was geart'' Tatty sied. Tatty went home ''wera have you been'' sied Kitty Cat
''up to space'' sied Tatty
BUT MY QUESTON WAS IT A DREAM?????????????????????

Mr. Tomkins
20/02/2013 8:29am

Another story that ends in a mysterious way! Well done Holly.

20/02/2013 12:45pm

good story Hollie

Poppy Higton
19/02/2013 12:04pm

Sweet land

Once there was a girl called Lizzie. She lived in a very small house with four small bedrooms and a toilet. Upstairs and down stairs she had a bathroom, toy room (that was very messy), kitchen and a living room.
Lizzie has a younger brother called Jack who had two cuddly puppy’s called Lemon and Bonbon. She also has an older sister called Marty and a mum and dad.
Lizzie loves ponies, she has a pony called Starlight and loves her very much. It is her dream to go to Sweet Land.
One day in a lovely garden Lizzie was brushing Starlight’s mane when she saw a golden glitter in his sparkling eyes.
It then started to rain silver strikes, like lightning across the sky. It was so bright that she could barely see Starlight.
Suddenly, Lizzie fell. Fell, fell, fell though the soft heart-warming clouds, she thought where was she? What was she doing? How will she get back?
There was a thud. Lizzie landed on what seemed to be candy grass and Starlight was eating it. How amazed Lizzie was, well I don’t know? But she was pretty surprised. Well back to the story now.

Lizzie got up and started to walk around the colourful land.
The land was surrounded by red and white shimmering candy canes and a chocolate river glittering in the sunlight.
Starlight shook his mane like a proud lion. “Welcome to Sweet Land”, he said in a strong bold voice. “Ssssweet… Land”, whispered Lizzie. “Yes, Sweet Land”, said Starlight in his strong voice again. “Take as much as you wish”. “Really, can I take as much as I want to”, cried Lizzie. Starlight shook his long silvery mane once more.
For the next hour Lizzie was loading bags and bags of sweets until all the bags where full and hoisted them onto Starlight. “Time to go now”, said Lizzie excitedly. “Okay”, muttered Starlight.
Soon Starlight was making it rain the silver strikes again and soon they were back at home. Lizzie rushed inside and told her family all about the exiting adventure she had been on. How amazing Starlight was and of course they believed her.

“Can I eat some now”, shouted Jack. “Certainly not, I am going to sell them every day, can I start a sweet stall Dad?” “I can’t see why not, I will set the stall up now”, said Dad.
“I will help Dad”, said Mum. “I will help Lizzie”, said Marty. “And I will….what will I do”, said Jack? “You can bring the sweets to Mum and Dad”, said Lizzie, thinking quickly. “Ok”, mumbled Jack.
So that’s the end of Lizzie’s story but I can tell you a bit more. Okay, here goes. Well, Lizzie and Starlight soon became rich and famous all around the world. They were given names such as, the Sweet King and Queen, Super Sweets and many more. That’s the end of this story, so this is the time to say goodbye.

Mr. Tomkins
20/02/2013 8:29am

I love stories that involve food! Well done Poppy! - You have used wonderful vocabulary and punctuation really well too!

19/02/2013 12:49pm

Mr Tall the giraffe was driving down the street in his Porsche; he’d been swimming with his friend, Tiny the hippo. It was a strange day in Wobble Down town. All of a sudden an army of evil green smelly goblins with helmets and dark glasses on came out of the Animal kingdom pet shop; they were all carrying a pet in their green stringy arms. Were they smuggling pets back to their world??
Mr Tall and Tiny pulled over and watched them get into their silver bullet bus. They screeched off at speed and Mr Tall followed them, easily keeping up with them in his super fast car. They drove out of town for miles and miles and went off road deep into a murky forest – which Mr Tall had never ever been to.
Behind some trees and bushes the bullet bus went into a portal that transported them to the land of Snilbog. Mr Tall and Tiny wondered how they would get in... Suddenly Tiny had an idea, let’s put the invisible mode on and go after them. What would they see when they went in- would the goblins be eating snake cake or making cat hats?
In they went under cover. Snilbog was a beautiful land. Tiny said” let’s go and explore” and what they saw surprised them. The goblins lived in round, glass houses with a front door leading underground to get in and out. The King goblin and his family lived in two gold palaces.
And then they saw all the young goblins playing with the animals that had been taken.
Mr Tall and Tiny went up to the biggest gold palace; they switched off their invisible mode and asked a goblin on guard if they could be taken to the king goblin. The King Goblin said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY LAND?”
Mr Tall and Tiny explained what they had seen earlier in the day.
King goblin said “WE DO NOT HAVE PETS HERE so I sent my best 100 guards to get some to bring back to make the little goblins happy”.
Mr Tall said “you really should have asked first and then you could have had them”.
King goblin was very sorry.
When Mr Tall and Tiny had taught the goblins how to care for the animals they headed back to Wobble Down town.
Mr Tall said “ok now we’re all done here let’s go back in the car”.
Tiny said “where is the car”????

Mr Tomkins
20/02/2013 8:28am

Great story Theo. There was not a title so I called it, 'Mr. Tall'. I hope this is OK?

20/02/2013 12:37am

Magic molly

'MUM MUM' can I go for walk in the wood said molly yes Said mum thank you mum
molly was ten years old she lived with her mum dad and her little sister Jess anyway
back to molly she ran to the wood and smiled. Molly loved playing in fresh air
like most children. Molly was happy' funny and a good friend. Did I say that she had magic.
Molly hated it because she could not control it and molly was constantly smashing things.
When molly was 9 years old she used her magic to make her toys come alive. when she
stuck or needed help she will go to them. How can I get rid of my magic how? Said molly
you need to get the stick of magic it is in the museum across the road. Molly rushed to
the museum when she got there the museum was closed. She ran to find a back way in.
yes said molly she had fawned it. Molly quickly opened the door with here magic. Molly looked
at the map and sore were the stick of magic was she ran to the stick but when she got there...
men were tacking the stick. Molly had a good plan ran to the men and took the stick of them.
Quickly molly ran back home. she wont forget that in a one day. Molly did not magic.
You never now magic mite be coming to you one day.

C Tomkins
20/02/2013 8:15am

Well done to everyone who entered. I have sent them all to the BBC Radio 2 website now! Good luck to you all!

21/02/2013 8:59am

Aliens vs Snake
Once there lived some aliens on a space ship. They needed to get some food for a receapea it was on eath. So they went down to eath. befor they left the alien king said "Holly's in charge". A snake called Lolly shouted"YOU ARN'T ALOUD ON EATH". So Holly shouted GET YOUR WEPANS OUT"they needed them to fight the snake,sadly Lolly died and the aliens went to get there food,headed south to the space ship.

The reason wi Lolly & Holly could understand each other is because they can mind read.


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