Thank you all for a wonderful goodbye on the last day of term. It has been wonderful to work at North Nibley school with such a great team.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break and a great academic year starting in September.

Mr. Tomkins


We created bubble kingdoms! - it was awesome. Thank you Mrs. Dixon!


This morning we made our brains engage in a slightly different way compared to normal by doing some lateral puzzles!

Can anyone remember any of them?


Well done to all involved!


Our end of term treat was a magician!

Did you enjoy his wonderful tricks?


Class 3 had a debate about Michael Gove's proposals to ban school packed lunches.

We got into a role play debate and had heated discussions!


On Tuesday afternoon we did some work on similes and metaphors using 'Flanimals' as inspiration.

By the end we could tell the difference between them!

Can anyone remember?


As part of our problem solving work this week, we did an investigation about money bags.

You need a 3x3 grid, and money bags with £1,£2,£3...etc up to £9.

All the bags must total £15 in all directions, including diagonally! There is more than one solution. Have a go!


We played a game of cherades this morning to help us further our understanding of verbs and adverbs.

Can anyone remember any of the verbs or adverbs?


...with one week to go until our dress rehearsal in front of the school and nursery crowd, we have been preparing ourselves for the school production lots this week!

Our student visitors helped us paint the backdrop this afternoon; they're both very artistic.

Everyone is working hard to put on a great production for the shows on the 8th, 9th & 10th July.