Please visit our Art Exhibition at St. Martin's Church in the Easter holidays.

We had a sneak preview today and really enjoyed it!
In the non-spring-like rain we had a go at an Easter Egg hunt which involved lots of challenges, riddles and observation skills.

We had great fun but got very wet and muddy too whilst outside at the orchard!
Mrs Dixon has informed me how brilliant you all were at the rugby festival!

Well done Class 3!

You played with commitment, as a team and were really successful. I hope you enjoyed the afternoon!
We've done it! Well done Class 3!
Today we have looked and recreated art inspired by Henri Matisse from France and Yiannis Morallis from Greece.

You will be able to see all our work from today exhibited in the church over the Easter holidays.
This is our maths focus for the week.

We are understanding what a fraction is and looking in to ordering fractions with different denominators.
We had a go at writing kennings this morning.

We looked especially closely at the verbs that appear at the end of each line.
What has happened?
Well done Class 3!

You informed the audience about lots of different aspects of Comic Relief and were very clear and loud!
We had a debate this morning. The class split in to the groups on the board and put forward each argument.

What do you think is the most important thing to learn and why?