Some mathematicians in our class have been doing work on 'perimeter'.

This is the length that surrounds an area.

We measured the perimeter of the school football pitch earlier.

Can you work out any perimeters of any rooms at home or maybe even gardens! You will need a tape measure and a helper.

Write your findings out here if you do get the chance to work out the perimeter of anything.
On the last Wednesday of term we are having a recital (or mini-concert) to show off what we have learned.

It's at 9:25am in the hall in front of the school and any parents who are able to attend.

What have we learned to do in our 7 weeks of playing the clarinet so far?
What is the purpose of a plant? - someone asked us this yesterday as we were investigating questions for our topic work on plants.

We almost answered this question this afternoon. Can anyone give us any answers?
We had a debate about 'The Twits' being the best book ever in our class today.

However, my question for our blog is:

Is Roald Dahl the greatest children's author ever?

Either argue for or against the question and remember to give good reasons!
We are looking at some books by Roald Dahl, especially 'The Twits'.

What is your favourite Roald Dahl book and why?
This week we are beginning our "quad blogging" we are starting with a school in New Zealand.

You can view their Yr3/4 blog by going to

They are going to check out our blog soon!
As well as some people enjoying French club with Ella's and Sophie's Mum, we have Madame Caldwell come in for half an hour every Monday morning.

This week we were learning about many can you remember?
Some of us have reached our goals!

What do you need to show you can do to score your next goal in literacy or numeracy?
Each morning we do an activity to get our brains thinking with a question that makes you go "hmmmm."

This morning's question asked: if you had to give up all your possessions but you could keep some things to fill your school bag, which items would you keep?
We are looking at litres (L) and mililitres (ml) in Maths. Can you find out the capacity of any containers at home and write them on our blog??